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Nutrition of very young children – 4 Months To 1 Year

During the early days or just after the childbirth doctors usually do not allow to give the newborn any types of solid food because at this period of time feeding.

The child with own milk is very beneficial than all the other alternatives because of the immature digestive system. It is also said that breastfeeding during the early stage also helps the mother recover faster from the childbirth.

Where this is the only food your child should be offered when he or she is less than 4 months of age, as there are several benefits related to this habit like this makes the child digestive system stronger, they also have a low rate of diseases etc.

However, it is said, during the first year the primary source of nutrients of very young children should be milk, but it has been seen that as soon as the newborn enter the 4th month he is no more satisfied with the only milk and their tongue longs for tastes.

Even for expanding the eating capabilities a child needs to be given a lot of nutrients from 4 months to 1 year or after he is about to enter half a month after birth till one year.

However, just knowing this fact is not enough a child nurse or the mother also needs to know what to feed and what not to feed at the beginning.

There is actually a need to plan a lot of things in your kitchen for your baby just after he enters 4 months of age. Homemade recipes not only saves money but this habit is also good for health.

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Here, we have a list of things you need to know for your baby to nourish him with nutrients at the initial age so that he remains healthy forever. so learn about Nutrients of very young children from four months to one year from this page and make your newborn healthy.

Nutrition of very young children – 4 Months To 1 Year


What to Feed From 4-6 months?

When your kid is just 4 months old, you know he cannot chew so try to give your child a puree of every edible substance whether it be fruit or vegetable.

Remember, that the baby stomach is just as small as his fists, so try to feed him accordingly and not in a heavy quantity which will perhaps give you negative results.


You do not have to go for all the things you see in the grocery, the best option when you want to start is to start with the cereals. Probably, Oatmeal and Rice cereal are available in the shops for the babies of this age which everyone knows.

but there are few other options for nursing your child with the nutrient that you should go for at the beginning like banana and avocado where these two need not to be cooked over.

Banana- peel off the banana and cut small slices, now make the puree of these pieces which you give your baby and extra puree can be stored in a clean container for the second time, but if your feed fresh it is better.

Your second cereal puree option may consist of some other like carrot, green peas butternut squash need to be cooked to feed.

Carrot- Steam the small cubes of carrot and then process it until it is smooth. Now add a teaspoon of water every time till it is cooked.

You can give a very little quantity at the beginning like 2 small cubes and then increase the diet to 4 cubes after few days.

Green peas- It is not necessary that your green peas are just like the smooth carrot puree, you can thicken you green peas while preparing. You can add your breast milk or water at the time of reheating

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