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How To Clean Cast Iron Stove Top Grates?

Are you worried and asking yourself: “How to clean cast iron stove top grates?” Want to make your stovetop sparkling like a star and make your kitchen area better?

Well, stove grates indeed tend to get messy. No shame in that! But letting the grease sit there for years can make your beautiful stove gross and stinky.

So we are here to help you with how to clean the frigidaire stovetop, explore routine maintenance, and how to get those super-dirty burners looking like new and operating properly.

Let’s get rolling!

How Do You Make Cast Iron Grates Look New?

How Do You Make Cast Iron Grates Look New?
How Do You Make Cast Iron Grates Look New?

Here we will be explaining how to make cast iron grates look new.

But before that, you may have a question: “Can you wash cast iron grates?”

Of course, yes!

You should wash them once or twice a year. In fact, you should clean it regularly to make it look spotless.

Now that your question is answered, let’s get straight into the main topic.

Step 1: Each Approach Must Begin With Safety

When you are working in the kitchen and most importantly, when cleaning cast iron stove grates, always keep the safety of yourself and others in your mind. Also, keep all the appliances at and remove any delicate object from the kitchen.

Make sure to remove utensils and keep them far away from the stove before beginning the DIY. Lastly, be aware of your surroundings and the chemicals you are using.

Step 2: Remove The Grates

 Remove The Grates
Remove The Grates

Instead of cleaning the cast iron grill grate one at a time, you can remove all the grates from the stovetop and make things easier for yourself. Then you can place them either in the empty bathtub or sink depending on the size of the grates.

Do you need more space? Is your bathtub too posh to work with? And want to go gentle on your grates?

Then a plastic tub or a bin will do the job as well. It is the easiest part!

Now, let’s move ahead to the next step.

Do you have a Frigidaire stovetop?

And also want to understand how to clean frigidaire stovetop? Then, you can follow the next step!

Step 3: Create Your Mixture

Now, the third thing you need to do is arm yourselves with protective gloves. You will be using hot water, ammonia, other powered cleaners, and whatnot!

In this step, you need to be very careful, and if you are dealing with months or years of caked-on grime, hot soapy water should work just fine.

Here is how to clean non enameled cast iron stove grates with a homemade soapy water mixture:

All you have to do is mix hot water with dishwasher soap. You won’t be needing a lot of this mixture but make sure you have enough to get the work done.

Now, start cleaning cast iron stove grates in dishwasher soapy mixture combined with a soft kitchen sponge.

The odds here?

You will have to do a bit of light scrubbing! So patience is here because it may take more time to get rid of old food and grime.

Along with that, ensure that you have enough elbow space so, you can reach and scrub all the nook and cranny of the grates.

It is not something you are doing for fun, so try to make this step the least frustrating!

If you want to keep your iron stove grates clean, you can follow this step regularly.

Step 4: Soak The Grates

After following the above step, it is time to cover the grates resting in the tub, plastic bin, or sink. Let them soak in the hot water mixture for ten to fifteen minutes.

Don’t be on cloud nine and assume all your work is done. You are halfway there, and the caked-on food and grease are yet to get loose. Keeping it soaked for a while will save you a lot of hassle as opposed to tackling this issue by skipping this step.

The fifteen minutes will help the boiling soapy water to cut through the grease. And when the time is up, you will see the results.

Step 5: Use Powder Cleanser

As we said earlier, the iron grates are not completely clean, so here you can use any sort of powdered or liquid cleaner. But avoid using any abrasive or harsh scrubbing pad. If you do, then it might scratch and ruin the look of the cast iron.

That is why, we are telling you to use a liquid or a powdered cleaner to help get the remaining scraps, food, grease, and grime off of the cast-iron grates.

You can get plenty of cleaners in the market and also find some in your kitchen itself. Scrub and scour away the remaining grease, grime, or baked-on food items. 

Wondering, “How to make cast-iron grates black again with the best products?”

Then read on!



Perhaps the most famous technique is using ammonia. The fumes are excellent and work as a helping hand for removing and cleaning the grates for a few hours.

As we all know, Ammonia is highly volatile, which means at room temperature, its liquid form can escape into the air. So you can use this to your advantage by putting the iron grates in strong and big trash bags.

Then, add two cups of ammonia and seal the plastic trash black tightly with a wire twist-tie or tight overhand knot. Make sure the bag does not have holes, or else the fumes will leak through them and make your house stinky.

Also, make sure that grates aren’t immersed in the liquid, or else the gaseous fumes won’t be able to do the cleaning.

Next, leave the plastic trash bag for ten to twelve hours. Once the fumes are soaked in the grates, rinse them with water. By now, you will see the gross grime, grease, food particles, and oils leaving the grates.

Now, time to get your scrub pad for the last scrub to remove the stubborn stains. And you are done!

Important Note:

While using this method, do not forget to wear safety glasses and gloves from the beginning to the end.

We know this technique is quite risky, so are you looking for another method to how to clean cast iron stove grates without ammonia?

Then, check out the next section!


Many people wonder, “What’s the best way to clean cast iron stove grates?” 

Well, here we are going to reveal the best technique.

Power degreasers will always have your back because they can slowly decompose buildup on the iron grates. Just let it sit for fifteen and let the magic unfold.

If the buildup is heavy, you are free to let it sit for thirty minutes.

Want to know how to clean cast iron stove grates with baking soda?

Then, the next method is just for you!

Baking Soda

Baking Soda
Baking Soda

Baking soda works on thick coats of grime. And the process is really simple. All you have to do is clean off the hot soapy water mixed with a gentle scrubber or a brush. Then make a thick paste of some baking soda and water.

Next, apply this mixture directly into all the areas of the burner, including the hidden and tiny recesses in the grating. Then let it sit for about thirty minutes and break the grease.

Later, scrub it gently under hot water to remove the remaining grease. If the dirt is too thick, it might need to repeat this step.

Looking for an answer to: “How to clean cast iron stove grates with vinegar?”

Then check it out below!


Vinegar is used in various households for cleaning purposes. And without wasting your time, we will jump to the recipe of cleaning iron grates.

  • Pour half vinegar and half water into a shallow pan.
  • Then, put the grates in the pan and let the liquid cover it.
  • Make sure to let it sit for thirty minutes in the solution.
  • Lastly, remove the grates and wash them thoroughly.

Step 6: Rinse And Replace

If the baked-on food and grease are still stuck on the grates, then you may need to repeat the fifth step. And once you come to a satisfactory result, you can move ahead.

In this step, ensure that you wash the grates and get rid of all the cleaning agents.

Loving the new look of your cast iron grates? Then, it is time to dry them off!

Here, you can either let them dry naturally or hand dry them. Also, make sure the components of the stovetop are cleaned before putting the grates back. 

Now, place them back. Good as new!

In the next topic, we will uncover how to tell if stove grates are enamel coated.

All About Stovetop Enamel Coated Grates

Here we will analyze how to find the enamel-coated stove grates, so let’s get started!

SignsEnameled: Yes or No
 It has any color other than orange-brown, black, bare metal, or brown.Yes. It is enameled.
It is rustedNot enameled (or possibly damaged enamel)

If the above chart doesn’t help, you can locate the model number and look it up on the internet. We are sure that this will help you to identify whether the iron grates are enameled or not.

Still didn’t help?

If yes, then you can run your fingers on the cleaned surface of the iron grates and identify as follows:

  • If you feel rough, then it is not enameled.
  • If you spot any signs of crazing (small cracks on the grates), it is enameled.

Still not sure?

Then, you can take help from a professional!

Summing Up

We hope our article on how to clean cast iron stove top grates was useful to you. Follow our mentioned steps carefully and see the results. Our given techniques depend on how dirty your grates are, so choose one wisely!

And no matter what product or home remedy you use, make sure to give enough time for the grates to soak in the solution. In no time, you will get a sparkling and clean kitchen stove.

Even your loved one will get surprised and pleased by its delightful looks-as-new feel. And one more thing! Try to keep your kitchen odor-free and spotless by cleaning the grates once in a while. Stay tuned for more information.

Good luck with your DIY!

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