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Cleanandsafeports.org is a trending platform for both the readers and the writers with different offerings.

For Readers

 The articles we publish for our readers are quite home-friendly. That means our articles deal with the daily usage of the households. We have a variety of genres like gadget cleaning, how-to, house cleaning, and shoe cleaning.

The readers will find solutions to their problems in the how-to section where we discuss washing silk pillowcases, clean suede couch, clean Ugg slippers, etc.

In the gadget cleaning section, you will get excellent ideas where you might get your landscape layout, clean your ac coils without a technician, etc.

Also, we provide you with the latest news and videos straight from the entertainment world.

For Writers

Our platform always hunts for talented and skillful writers to write for our website. Go to our Write for Us section and read the guidelines carefully. If you match all those criteria and you are confident enough with your writing, do contact us and send your write ups to us.

We will review your application thoroughly and reply you if we find that you are the perfect one for us. Once the procedure is done, you will assign you the articles which you have to write for us. We will publish the article on our website and definitely pay you for your skill and effort.