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Great Health Benefits Of Rhubarb Herbs

Rhubarb is a tall perennial herb with very strong stems and roots and large roots. The drug is formed by dry rhizomes, root-producing rhizomes, and plant leaf buds. Great Health Benefits Of Rhubarb Herbs.

The rhizome should be collected from plants aged 6-7 years just before flowering. Root bark should be retained VISIT THIS SITE: conflict-news

Rhubarb is a native of southeastern Russia. It is one of the oldest recorded herbs and is mentioned in Chinese herbal remedies around 2700 BC. Rhubarb was introduced relatively recently in Europe. England arrived only in the 16th century. It is currently cultivated in a limited area of ​​India and Central Africa.
Rhubarb stalker analysis shows that it contains large amounts of water, protein, fat, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates. Their mineral and vitamin content is calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin C. Its calorie value is 26.

Rhubarb produces rhubarb glycosides and chrysophanol acid. The main component of the herb is an anteoxynone derivative. Roots include line and emodin. Rhizome also produces essential oils containing products considered to be eugenol, terpene alcohols, and methyl heptyl ketones.

Healing power and healing power
Herbs are spicy and bitter. It increases urine secretion and excretion. Great Health Benefits Of Rhubarb Herbs

Rhubarb is mainly used in symptomatic treatment as a laxative. It also contains tannins, which causes astringents and constipation after laxatives. Therefore, it is only suitable for mild constipation and not for chronic cases.

Rhubarb has an astringent effect and can have beneficial consequences in the case of diarrhea caused by the presence of intestinal irritants.

Child illness
Rhubarb is a valuable daily medicine for children’s illness. It is a safe laxative and also reduces the excessive acidity of the child’s digestive tract. Sometimes children develop diarrhea due to an overdose of milk that causes putrefaction and, as a result, increases the acidity of the stomach. Rhubarb excretes rotten feces and at the same time reduces acidity. Despite the sequelae of constipation, movement automatically stops when the intestines are clean. The dose is 1 gram for babies up to 2 years.

Poison ivy
Rhubarb is one of the effective home remedies for poison ivy. Rubbing raw rhubarb on the itchy area will relieve you. If itching persists, repeat treatment.

Other obstacles
Lubarb also helps treat bile, back pain, intolerable heart, eye pain, nausea, chronic bronchitis, chronic fever, asthma, rhinitis, pain and bruising. Great Health Benefits Of Rhubarb Herbs

Note: Rhubarb contains a significant amount of oxalic acid. Their daily use can form stones in either the kidneys or the bladder and exacerbate neurological symptoms.

Avoid people who are susceptible to wounds, gout, arthritis, epilepsy and other uric acid-related illnesses.

Other uses
Juicy petioles and petioles are used in pies and sauces.


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