Media Highlights (LA/LB)


Shipper to fight paying Long Beach truckers $100,000, Long Beach Press Telegram, 3/7/13


Truckers Want Break on Audits, Los Angeles Business Journal, 10/1/12

Avoid (Or Evade) the Law: Just Label Em’ Independent ContractorsHuffington Post, 9/27/12

Local Coalition Tries to Organize Misclassified Port Truckers, Long Beach Post, 8/24/12

The Walmart model and the human cost of our low-price goodsThe Guardian, 7/25/12

Feds Take the Wheel on Drayage, Journal of Commerce, 7/16/12

Toll to negotiate with Teamsters, ABC News, 5/16/12

Goldman Sachs and hard work, Open Democracy, 5/7/12

Rag Picking in America?, Huffington Post, 3/16/12

Company fires truck driver for taking emergency bathroom break—while supporting a union, Daily Kos, 3/14/12

Fired for using the restroomLa Opinión, 3/13/12

Toll Group in dispute with Los Angeles truck driversThe Australian, 3/10/11

Toll’s US battle may go global, The Age, 3/5/12

L.A. Port Gets Payback in Clean Truck Program, LA Business Journal, 2/27/12

Power at the Ports: Truckers Force Slowdowns in Seattle, Los Angeles, Alternet, 2/17/12

Anger over the lion’s share, High Country News, 2/16/12

Port Truck Drivers Push to Unionize Amid Squalid Conditions, Alternet, 2/9/12

TWU demands fair election for Toll’s US drivers, Australian Transport News, 2/7/12

Teamsters Refuse to Quit, Journal of Commerce, 2/6/12

Toll Group Drives file with NLRB, Los Angeles Business Journal, 1/27/12

This week in the War on Workers: Workers fight back at ports, warehouses, and more, Daily Kos, 2/4/12


Congress considers law allowing other ports to mimic Clean Trucks Program, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 12/20/11

Schumer, Gillibrand Team Up for Cleaner Trucks, Politicker NY, 12/16/11

Port Access Still Drives Teamsters, Los Angeles Business Journal, 12/12/11

How Goldman Sachs and Other Companies Exploit Port Truck Drivers — Occupy Protesters Plan to Shut Down West Coast Ports in ProtestAlternet, 12/10/11

Employers’ new ruse: “Independent contractors,”, 10/7/2011

Contracting May Squeeze Employers, Los Angeles Business Journal, 10/24/11

Leasing Could Be Roadblock for Trucking Companies, Los Angeles Business Journal, 10/24/11

Teamsters roll into L.A. port on back of clean-air plan,  Los Angeles Business Journal, 9/26/11

Port drivers expose anti-union retaliation, injustice at Toll Group, Univision KMEX-34, 9/16/11

From the port, a cry for help: Drivers demand respect and dignified working conditions, La Opinión, 9/13/11

CA Attorney General Asks Court to Uphold Port’s Clean Truck ProgramBureau of National Affairs, 2/24/11

Calif. Bill Redefines Drayage Drivers as EmployeesThe Journal of Commerce, 2/23/11

Port Bill Keeps on Truckin’, CQ Weekly, 2/21/11


Who’s Driving the Driver? Labor Groups Say Their Study Shows Port Drayage Drivers Are Being Misclassified As Independent OperatorsJournal of Commerce, 12/20/10

Authorities Crack Down on Firms That Misclassify WorkersUSA Today, 12/13/10

Unions Want Limit on Firms’ Use of ContractorsWall Street Journal, 12/8/10

‘We Are at the Mercy of God’: Port Truck Drivers Lack Labor Rights and Pay Taxes, La Opinión, 12/8/10

Truckers Say LA’s ‘Green’ Port Costs Them Money; The Dispute over who Should Pay for Leasing and Maintaining ‘Clean’ Rigs Could Go to the Supreme Court, Los Angeles Times, 12/7/10

IRS Says California Drayage Operator Improperly Classified DriverTransport Topics, 12/6/10

A Long Haul: How the Gov’t Policy to Modernize Trucks Collides with its Policies to Promote High-Wage Jobs, American Prospect, 9/6/10

Judge: LA Port’s Clean Trucks Program Can Proceed, Associated Press, 8/27/10

Clean Trucks Program at Port of LA Can Go Forward, Court Rules, KPCC 8/26/10

Bill Would Allow Stricter Trucking Regulations for PortsCalifornia Watch, 8/1/10

Op-ed: Ports Trade Tricks For Greener JobsPolitico, Carl Pope & James P. Hoffa, 7/29/10

Nadler to float “Clean Ports” Bill with Union, Enviro BackingThe Hill, 7/29/10

CA Ports’ Truck Lease-to-Own Deal Merit InvestigationTransport Topics, 5/11/10

Congress to Scrutinize Harbor Truck LeasingJournal of Commerce, 5/6/10

Plan for Ports Program, La Opinión, 5/6/10

Ports of ContentionRoll Call, 5/5/10

Port of Los Angeles Receives FMC Chairman’s Inaugural Earth Day AwardFederal Maritime Commission News, 4/21/10

Clean Trucks Called too Costly for ContractorsJournal of Commerce, 4/15/10

New York Is on Board with LA Truck PlanLong Beach Press-Telegram, 3/16/10

Clearing the Air at American PortsNew York Times, 2/26/10

Op-ed: Paying to WorkLa Opinión, Angelica Salas & Marvin Andrade, 2/18/10


Op-ed: Port Clean-Truck Program is Goal Worth Fighting ForLA Daily News, Dr. Geraldine Knatz, 12/9/09

Doomsday Looming for Many Truckers at the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports, Los Angeles Times, 11/27/09

Op-ed: Driving Toward Cleaner Air at Our Nation’s PortsHuffington Post, Peter Lehner, NRDC & Carl Pope, Sierra Club, 10/28/09

Stuck on the Low Road, American Prospect, Dr. David Bensman, 10/5/09

Op-ed: Clean Trucks: One Year LaterHuffington Post, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 10/1/09

Truck Drivers Face a Hard Road in a Weak Economy, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 8/23/09

Port Groups Look to Congress for Guidance as Legal Battle StallsEnergy & Environment Daily, 7/9/09

Clean Air Program Revs Up Truck Sales, Los Angeles Business Journal, 5/25/09

Labor, Environmentalists Fighting Trucking Deregulation, Long Beach Press-Telegram, 5/5/09

Study: Independent Truckers StrugglingAssociated Press, 3/13/09

Protesting Drivers Seek Safer Working ConditionsLong Beach Press-Telegram, 3/3/09


3 More Truck Firms Named in Port ProbeLong Beach Press-Telegram, 10/28/08

Attorney General Brown Sues 2 Port Trucking Firms Over Labor PracticesLos Angeles Times, 9/7/08

Swift, Knight Change the Trucking Game by Signing on to Clean-Truck Program in LATraffic World, 9/8/08

Trucking Companies on Board with Ports’ Clean-Air PlansLos Angeles Times, 9/6/08

Port of Long Beach’s Clean-Trucks Loan Program is CriticizedLos Angeles Times, 8/20/08

Few Truckers Can Afford InsuranceLong Beach Press-Telegram, 6/3/08

Op-ed: LA Program Catapults Port into the Green Economic RevolutionPacific Shipper, Tom Politeo & Chuck Mack, 4/21/08

Big Trucking Deal: A Diverse Coalition Wins a Battle to Regulate Air Pollution at California Ports, In These Times,4/7/08

Unsafe Trucks Stream Out of LA PortsLos Angeles Times, 1/21/08

Obama and Clinton Push for Truckers Rights at PortLong Beach Press-Telegram, 1/12/08


Voters Favor Port PlanLong Beach Press-Telegram, 9/24/07