Clean Ports Act

The Clean Ports Act is more important now than ever before! And thanks to the courageous leadership of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) along with a broad cross-section of co-sponsors in both the Senate and the House of Representatives the Clean Ports Act is one step closer to becoming law. The bill has strong support from leaders across the country and would protect bold clean truck policies and restore the EPA Award-winning Los Angeles Clean Truck Program that was recently dismantled by the powerful trucking industry lobby. It will also enable massive green job creation, and curb the harmful diesel-truck pollution that impacts an estimated 87 million Americans who live and work in port regions!

The port trucking industry has been in the spotlight since the Spring of 2010 when a Congressional hearing touched off a series of investigations into questionable employment practices that continue to push port truck drivers into precarious work arrangements where they are misclassified as so-called ‘independent contractors’ and stripped of their rights as employees.

report by the National Employment Law Project found that tens of thousands of port truck drivers in port cities across the country are working as misclassified employees – and Congressional action, including investigations and the introduction of the Clean Ports Act, has brought the issue to the attention of state and local government agencies concerned with the questionable practice.

Take Action to Support the Clean Ports Act!

The Clean Ports Act will give local ports the tools to effectively curb deadly diesel emissions. It will also give local communities more power to hold the trucking industry accountable for cleaner air and fairer labor practices.

Let’s make sure the trucking industry doesn’t stick taxpayers and truck drivers with their mess. Sign the pledge and join more than 150 organizations across the country and tell Washington leaders to support the Clean Ports Act!