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SCRATCH: The DJ Matt Howes Documentary in the UK

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Matt Howes is a globe-trotting DJ hailing from Norwich in the UK. Whilst he’s literally putting his hometown on the map with every next step he takes and spanning the breadth of the planet for gigs and appearances, what he also does almost by default is connect with people on a very human level… and he’s very much aware of this natural responsibility he carries with him.


‘Scratch: The DJ Matt Howes Documentary’ has been a labour of love by a small team of university students and has had quite the process over the last 6 months.

From having raised money with Kickstarter crowdfunding and with the support of a network of great individuals who also feature in the film such as renowned UK DJ Tim Westwood (BBC/Captial Xtra) UK grime artist Devlin (Universal) and actor Richard Wilson (BBC).

Within days of releasing the documentary online only, it has had well over 100K organic views and thousands of comments, retweets, shares… and rising by the day.

Matt has always been keen on proving to his audiences and the world as a whole that he is all about ABILITY and he does not like what the term (DIS) ability insinuates to anyone… heck, just 2 weeks after his accident abroad he was out of hospital and playing to thousands in a club, never having done so with just one arm.

SCRATCH: The DJ Matt Howes Documentary in the UK
SCRATCH: The DJ Matt Howes Documentary in the UK


Being able to adapt in life is what Matt has made look easy and it’s just a small insight into his natural character, his strength and very much his awareness of what his actions mean to others around him.

But foremost from his professional standing is the talent that drives everything… without which none of what he has achieved and is destined to achieve would be possible.

Many respond by saying that Matt’s story makes them feel lucky, and others are simply left inspired to get through whatever struggles it is they may be experiencing in their own lives and to feel motivated to keep fighting.

Matt exudes a combination of natural passion, incredibly adaptive talent, and all mixed with a sense of purpose he has come to recognize as so much bigger than even himself:

“It’s been 4 years now since I lost my arm in the accident and looking back now, it naturally took my life in a completely different direction. I believe everything happens for a reason, and despite the daily challenges, the major ups and all the downs… this is me and I’ve reached a place now where I don’t need to sell what I am on this Earth to do.

I’m doing it already and if people want to support me or not it doesn’t matter but if by doing what I do I can inspire or encourage others to also pursue their dreams, then I’m happy!”


You just have to spend a few minutes talking with Matt and his love for what he does will instantly be clear. He leaves you feeling like anything is possible, and that life is to be lived today… that no one should wait years and years doing what they don’t want to do just because they feel like they have to.

If you have a dream, an ambition, if there are things you want to do with your life… do them now, start planning and get on your path sooner rather than later. That’s the message Matt is advocating wherever he goes.

And if there are obstacles, which there are for everyone wherever you may be in the world… face them head on and do what it takes to get through the difficult moments. And more than everything else… make all the tests become your strength that makes you stay human, and become a really good human at that too who everyone wishes to be around.

In addition to DJ’ing around the world as a pro DJ, Matt is a charity ambassador for the Limbless Association and Reach charity in the UK and has also been

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