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How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Clothes – Easy Solutions For You

When you wash your clothes, linens, and towels and dry them well, what do you expect? A fresh, sweet smell of laundry, right? But instead of that, a musty basement smell hits your nose and makes your day bad. Doesn’t it happen with you again and again? Well, this is what you call a mildew smell!

You definitely will never like that musty smell to hit any of your friends or relatives, will you? After all, it’s not a good experience, and definitely not good for your lungs too!

So to avoid that, you have to get rid of those smells and replace them with something you call fragrance, right? I mean, who doesn’t want to see the happy faces of people when they have a great smell from your clothes?

Here are our experts to tell you how to get mildew smell out of clothes. But before you start, let me tell you about few precautions you should take to avoid a musty smell coming from your clothes.

Clean Your Washing Machine Periodically

Clean Your Washing Machine Periodically
Clean Your Washing Machine Periodically

We often leave our washing machines uncleaned after washing clothes. This is absolutely a wrong thing, and a big reason for those mildew smells on your clothes. Always clean your washing machine. It will keep your machine healthy and help your clothes to wash perfectly without leaving any odor.

Don’t Ever Leave Damp Clothes In The Washing Machine

Never leave your clothes damp in the machine, or anywhere else. As soon as they are washed, put them to dry. Damp clothes very easily catch bad smell.

Don’t Try To Cover Up The Mildew Smell

People often tend to wash the mildew smelled clothes in heavily perfumed detergents in order to get rid of that smell. Never do that! It’s never a good idea to cover the smell up. It should be wiped off from the clothes.

Don’t Use Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners tend to leave a residue that remains in the clothes and builds up over time. It can actually make the problem even worse.

Now let’s move on to the main thing – How to get Rid of damp Smell in Clothes.

Before we start, let me give you a thorough idea about what kind of odors we get from clothes.

There are more or less eight kind of odors that make your clothes smell bad. Let us discuss about them one by one.

Foot odor

Foot odor
Foot odor

This kind of odor comes because of sweaty feet. A bacteria from the Brevibacterium family is the root of this kind of odor.

‘Sports Vagina’ smell

Many people around the world practice different kinds of sports, and a major percentage of them are women. Sports means sports clothes, which are made of synthetic fabrics, which easily hold onto bacteria and thus, odor.


This is the most common odor that comes from our clothes. Actually, sweat doesn’t have a smell of its own. The odor is the result of an interaction between bacteria and secretions of our apocrine gland.


Vomit is basically a stain of protein. But that causes enough odor that could make you vomit again!


Mildew is nothing but a fungus which thrives in damp and warm environment and cause odor.

Perfume-based odors

Well, this is a serious issue. If perfumes linger in your clothes, it can be not only the root of bad smells, but also the cause of dangerous health issues like eczema, migraine, asthma attacks, and allergic dermatitis.

Perfume-based odors
Perfume-based odors


If you slosh even a bit of gasoline on your clothes, it not only smells bad but also can cause accidents like fire or even an explosion in your washing machine.

Ammonia smell

This generally comes from cloth diapers, or bedsheets. If you have children in your family, this odor must be familiar to you.

Phew! Have you ever thought that those musty smells from your clothes too have so many classifications? But don’t worry! Now I’ll tell you how to remove the damp smell from clothes in the easiest way!


STEP 1 – wash In Vinegar

Set the hottest temperature on your washing machine. Put the clothes in the machine as evenly as possible. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar. Do not put any detergent!

The hot water combined with the acetic acid of vinegar will help to break any grime or bacteria up if it’s there on your clothes, started growing. This will help you to get rid of those musty smells of the clothes.

STEP 2 – Wash with baking soda

Once you’re finished with Vinegar, don’t think it’s done. Now you have to wash those clothes again, this time with baking soda.

Spread the clothes again inside the machine. Put 1 cup of baking soda. Again put the hottest temperature. Baking soda is alkaline in nature and will help to neutralize remaining odors if any.

STEP 3 – Dry your clothes in air, under the sun

The best way to dry your clothes is by putting them under the sun. The U-V rays or the ultraviolet rays of the sun helps in disinfecting the clothes. It kills the remaining bacteria left on your dress or bedsheets.

The sun acts as a bleaching agent too for your clothes. And as an added perk, clothes dried under the sun just smell so good. But if this is not possible in your house or apartment, put the dryer in the appropriate settings and put the clothes inside.

How To Get Mold Out Of Clothes – Easy Solutions

How To Get Mold Out Of Clothes
How To Get Mold Out Of Clothes

Mold is a fungus too, grows on almost every surface. If you see green or black stains on your clothes, face unwanted allergies while putting on clothes, or have a skin rash, you can be sure that it is caused by the mold!

There are various ways to get rid of the molds of your clothes. Let me tell you about them.

  • At first, separate the infected clothes.
  • Set your machine at the hottest temperature.
  • Pour detergent. You can use your regular detergent.
  • After filling the machine with water, you can add vinegar, bleach, or borax.
  • Run your machine for two full cycles.
  • Dry your clothes under the sun.

Hurray! You’ve got rid of the molds of your clothes!

How To Remove Mold From Clothes With Baking Soda – Process

You can use the baking soda in order to get rid of the molds of your clothes too!

  1. Take a spray bottle of water.
  2. Add one-quarter of a tablespoon of baking soda.
  3. Shake the bottle until the baking soda dissolves in the water.
  4. Spray the solution on the moldy area of your clothes.
  5. Scrub the moldy area with a brush to remove mold from the surface.

Is It Bad To Wear Clothes That Smell Like Mildew – The Problems

Of course, it’s bad! Not only bad, but it’s also dangerous for your health! It can cause various types of skin diseases, allergies, and asthma attacks.

And mildew smell obviously puts you in an embarrassed situation in front of your relatives and friends!

Does Mildew Smell Go Away By Itself?

Does Mildew Smell Go Away By Itself
Does Mildew Smell Go Away By Itself

Unfortunately, no! And spraying an air freshener is only a temporary solution. If you detect the smell, the best option is to wash and dry those clothes properly.

Does Vinegar Get Rid Of Mildew Smell In Clothes – The Truth

Yes! You have to wash the clothes in hot water with vinegar. The acidic acid of vinegar mixes with hot water and produces a solution that helps to break up the grimes or bacteria that has growing on the surface of your clothes and is causing a musty smell.

Smell Good, Be Center Of The Attraction!

Smelling good is always a positive sign! Keep your clothes clean and make them smell good too so the people around you can feel the good smell in their breath!

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