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How to Clean Suede Couch- Things to Know

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The suede couch can enhance and uplift your home. It will offer great comfort and will improve the overall appearance. However, they tend to get dirty and stained. Thus, you must have a good cleaning schedule to keep your favorite suede furniture fresh and new-looking. How to Clean Suede Couch

It is a common misconception that suede couches are hard to maintain and clean. This is why homeowners generally avoid purchasing suede furniture. But the truth is suede leather couches are not hard to clean or maintain. When you understand the requirement and maintenance condition, you can enjoy the couch for years.

In case you are looking for how to clean suede furniture, then here is a helpful guide.

best way to clean the suede
best way to clean the suede

Before you start cleaning

Before you move ahead to how to clean a suede couch, you must identify the true material. For instance, you must find if the couch is made from microfiber suede or genuine leather suede

It is essential to consider the fabric of your upholstery to find the best way to clean the suede couch without damaging or staining. In case you are not sure if the furniture is a genuine suede or microsuede, then it will be beneficial to contact the furniture store you bought it from.

It is advised not to touch the furniture before learning the right suede type, or you might damage it.

•  Natural or genuine suede is made from animal hides and can be dyed.

•  Microsuedes is a type of microfiber material that is made from polyester fabric. It efficiently mimics the suede look and feel. Microfiber fabric is woven. The furniture covered using the fabric is more resistant to dirt, stains, and dust.

How do you clean a suede couch?

Check the steps for cleaning your suede couch.

Determine the suede cleaning type

Before you start cleaning the suede leather couch, you must check the instruction to understand find how to clean the suede couch? Understanding the cleaning process is the most crucial step to understand the best way to clean the suede couch at home.

 To know about the right cleaning process, you must look at the tag attached to the furniture. It will guide you about what to use to clean the suede couch.

How to Clean Suede Couch
How to Clean Suede Couch

• Code W- If the tag mentions W in the instruction, then water-based suede couch cleaners are the best choice for cleaning.

• Code S- If the tag mentions S, then you can only use dry cleaning or solvent-based cleaner for your furniture. Remember you must avoid water-based cleaners on this type of suede furniture. Also, make sure to clean the furniture in a well-ventilated room and away from flame sources as you are using chemicals for the cleaning process.

• Code W/S- If you find both W/S written on the tag, then you have the option to clean the furniture with solvent-based or water-based products.

• Code X- Finally, if you see X, it means you must avoid using any cleaning agent as they can distort, and the stain can get deep in the suede fabric. Such suede furniture requires assistance from a professional as they have the right skills to clean. Or you can only use a vacuum to clean the couch.

Collect the cleaning tools and material

The next step on how to clean suede upholstery includes gathering adequate equipment and products. The list might seem long to you, but you need not have to use them all.

Tools required

  • • Scrub brush
  • • Suede brush
  • • Microfiber cloth
  • • Vacuum
  • • Whisk
  • • Bucket
Cleaning materials required
  • • Dishwashing liquid
  • • Cornstarch or baby powder
  • • Commercial glue remover
  • • Rubbing alcohol

If you wish to avoid using any commercial cleaners, you can make your suede couch cleaner at home.

suede couch cleaner
suede couch cleaner

Vacuum the dirt and dust

To have a well-maintained suede furniture, you must vacuum daily to remove soil, dirt, dust, or any other particles that accumulate over the furniture. If you are looking for how to clean suede upholstery, then vacuuming is the first and most important step which will help keep your furniture safe.

Cleaning a natural suede couch

In case you have natural suede furniture at home, then this step is for. Once you are done vacuuming the furniture to remove the dust and dirt, it is time to work on the stains. But the question how to clean suede couch stains?

The best treatment for the stain to tackle them immediately. This means as you find a spill, it will be beneficial if you take adequate measures to remove the stain.

Besides this, to remove sticky residue consider using commercial glue. Once done, brush the surface using a suede brush. However, you must know the tricks are for superficial suede furniture cleaning but not for deep cleaning. Thus, it is advisable to call a professional upholstery cleaner to get your furniture deep cleaned.

Cleaning suede microfiber couch

As mentioned earlier, microfiber suede furniture comes with different cleaning instructions. For instance, you can use water-based cleaner for cleaning some furniture while the others can only be cleaned using solvent-based products. Thus, to understand what to clean the suede couch with, you must go through the tag well. In case there is no tag, better consult the manufacturer for guidance.

For the furniture with S on the tag, you can use rubbing alcohol. While the furniture with W or W/S on the care tag can be cleaned using soap and water.

How to clean the suede couch naturally?

Follow the step for cleaning

  • In a bowl, mix four cups of warm water with ¼th cup of dishwashing liquid
  • Use the whisk to create suds.
  • Get a bucket filled with clean and fresh water
  • Put the scrub brush into the cleaning solution. Remember, you just need the suds, not the water. Now clean your suede furniture by scrubbing it with soap suds.
  • Remember you must rinse the brush timely with clean water to avoid any stains on the couch.
  • When done with cleaning, use a microfiber cloth dipped in clean water to wipe away the suds.
  • Finally, let the furniture air dry and then vacuum it for the final finish.
how to wash a suede couch
how to wash a suede couch


Although many people think cleaning suede furniture is tough, it is not true. When you search for how to wash a suede couch, you will get all the right instructions and guidance according to your couch or upholstery. By following the simple guide, you can easily get rid of the stains and dirt present on the furniture.

But remember, you can clean the couch at home only superficially. For deep cleaning, it is advised to call professionals timely. This will guarantee that tough stains and the dirt accumulating deep inside the fibers get removed.

For your regular suede couch cleaning, you can follow the steps mentioned in the article to achieve a clean and fresh look. Also, remember to vacuum the couch daily to get rid of the dirt and dust. This will increase the longevity of your furniture.

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