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How To Clean USB-C Port

USB-C is a little port that is very versatile in terms of its uses like transferring data, charging several devices, or connecting the accessories to the device using the port. The older USB connection was reversible, unlike the USB-c port which is irreversible. How to clean USB-C port?

USB-C is a very important part of the devices and therefore it is very important to know about the various ways in which it can be protected and cleaned. 

Even the latest Macbook and pads have the USB-C port and to clean these ports properly several ways are mentioned below. This article helps in understanding the numerous ways in which these ports can be cleaned. 

Risk of USB-C ports

The USB-C ports are at the maximum risk of getting filled with dust, dirt, or any other form of debris. The reasons behind this are plenty as whenever the phone is kept in a side pocket any loose debris can get inside the small opening. Since this incidence is very common, the USB cable may not be able to snap into place easily and many problems might come along with it.

Use of alcohol to clean the charging port
How to clean usb-c port MacBook or iPhone

How to clean USB-C port?

Almost every single user of any phone or laptop faces the problem of cleaning the USB-C port properly and many have raised a question saying “What can I use to clean charging port?” If the user identifies the need to clean the port, they need to do it with extreme care as it is a very sensitive part of the device.

Any metal objects with sharp edges like blades. Knives or safety pins should not be used as they may scratch the device and the device may even short out. 

Instead of using metal objects, a can of compressed air and a toothpick may also be used. The different ways to clean the USB-C port are mentioned below-

1. Air helps in the loosening out of the debris and it can blow off with the help of a can of compressed air. This will prevent the user from inserting anything into the device and the straw-like attachment can be used to blow air into the port. The short, controlled bursts help in the process as any liquid that is in the can will not go into the port.

2. If using the above method also doesn’t solve the issue then even a toothpick can be used. A standard toothpick is thicker so it can be whittled thinner with the help of a knife and then used to clean off the remaining debris. A dental pick that is disposable can also solve the problems as it is much thinner than the toothpick and is ideal for the job.

3. The thinned toothpick should be inserted very carefully into the port and the debris should be pulled out.

4. The process can then be ended by blowing compressed air again to eject any of the loosened debris with the toothpick or dental pick.

Use of alcohol to clean the charging port

Another frequently asked question is about cleaning the charger port with the help of alcohol. The user asks “Can I use alcohol to clean my phone charger port?”Cleaning the charging port is a very commonly observed query that makes the entire experience of using a phone bad.

This may further lead to a very serious issue like slowing down the performance of the device and draining out the charging very fast.

Use of alcohol to clean the charging port
Use of alcohol to clean the charging port

Rubbing alcohol in the charging port may prove to be beneficial and there are two different ways in which the user can do so. Isopropyl alcohol should be used instead of ethyl alcohol because if ethyl alcohol is used, it will destroy the entire device. The charger may also be cleansed with the help of alcohol as the erosion in it may help to lessen the time taken to complete the process.

Thus, isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean the port effectively but should be done with extreme care and patience as even a little mistake while performing the task may destroy the device.

How to clean usb-c port MacBook or iPhone?

In the case of androids, the above-mentioned ways may be able to help the user in accomplishing the task. A large amount of built-up dirt is an observer in the USB-C ports of the device and cleaning it is very important but one can’t go about jamming it with anything as it is a very delicate part.

Before trying out any of the ways, the device should be switched off as it reduces the chance of short circuits. The various ways in which the USB port of a MacBook or iPad can be cleaned are-

1. Using a canister of compressed air is the best tool as it can be sprayed in small bursts and it gets rid of any loose debris in the port. The air needs to be sprayed using a very thin nozzle to set the right angle and if some of the debris is stuck spraying air over it multiple times will help solve the issue.

2. Though the safest way to clean the port is by blowing air over it, sometimes some of the debris is wedged tightly in the port. For this, a toothpick can be used but the user has to extra careful while doing to protect the metal connectors. A wooden toothpick is narrow enough to fit inside the port and may take out any of the remaining debris in the port.

3. The isopropyl alcohol that can be used should have the highest possible percentage of alcohol in it, as it prevents the chances of damaging the oleophobic coating on the screen of the device. Some cotton can be damped with the alcohol and can be inserted in the port to do so before the pored alcohol evaporates.

4. To prevent the dust from accumulating in the USB ports, the USB C Dust Plug can be used. These are very small bits of plastic or rubber that can fit inside the port and stop any dirt or debris from going inside the port. They are very easy to insert and remove from the port and are also cost-efficient.

Are USB-C cables typically more durable than micro-USB cables?

Sometimes because of the dust getting accumulated in the ports, the cables stop working efficiently and the user starts questioning the working of the cables instead of the ports. The people who switched from using the USB C cables to the micro cables have also suggested that the USB -C cables are undoubtedly more durable and better than the micro cables.

How to keep your USB-C charging port clean in the future

There are some reasons behind it which are mentioned below-

1. Reversible

One of the best features of a USB-C is that it is reversible unlike the old micro cables and it slides right in the port doesn’t matter the orientation of the cable. The reversibility of the cable is a feature that the users have been enjoying.

2. Versatility

Another advantage of the USB C cable is its versatility as it is a multipurpose device. It can be sued to charge, transfer data, and lets the user choose the function they want to perform.

There are several new options in the case of the USB C port which includes using it as a power supply, for photo transfers, file transfers, or MIDID input. The kind of functionality of the cable is also very simple and the user can understand it on his/her own.

Thus, there are many reasons why a USB-C cable is preferred over the micro cables and the reasons are valid. Therefore, the USB-C cables are more durable than the micro USB cables.

How to keep your USB-C charging port clean in the future?

 If you are a user who has been facing the problem of the USB port getting dirty because of all the dirt accumulating in it then in the future the way of carrying the port may be changed.

The solution might be to insert the device in the pocket or bag upside down so that the dirt is not driven towards the port and the probability of the port getting dirty reduces.

A small length of tape can also be applied over the port to keep it clean whenever it isn’t in use. Due to the above-mentioned problems, the dust plug is gaining popularity as it is very easy to use and performs the task. It was designed very efficiently. It is also cost-efficient which makes it affordable even for middle-class people.


The probability of the USB port getting dirty and the extent to which it happens can be reduced but cannot be avoided completely. The multi-utility of the port is a major reason why the popularity of the port is increasing and people prefer the same.

Therefore, the user tends to look for ways to clean the port efficiently. This article answers the most frequently observed question “how to clean usb c port?” The user can choose from the options that are mentioned above and get rid of the issue. The various ways in which the port can be protected from getting dirty in the future are also mentioned in the article.

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