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Cleaning a silicone case is done to give a brand new look to the phone entirely and it also saves hard-earned money as it is cost-efficient. The phone cases getting dirty is unavoidable as the environmental conditions cannot be stopped.

In many cases, the phone case becomes dirty, and then with time, it becomes tedious to clean it. This is the reason why many people want to know how to clean a silicone phone case.

Sometimes people tend to forget their phone back somewhere and then the workability of the phone is better at someplace. Since the use of a phone is flexible, the cover is also carried along with it and the chances of it getting dirty are also immense.

How to clean phone cases?

There are different methods to clean a phone case which depend on the need of the person. Some of the most frequently faced problems with the phone cases that many users have complained and asked about in the faqs include-

Removing the dirt from the case

Removing the dirt from the case
Removing the dirt from the case

Regular dirt is accumulated on the phone cases which can be dust, mud, powder, or flour and any of the dirt which is attached to the clothing can be attached to the case.

The stubborn greasy and oily stains on the phone cover are very hard to remove and many users have to opt for a detergent to get those stains off. A bowl, face protective gloves. Water, baking soda, toothbrush, and a soft dry cloth to use.

Many people ask if the user of silicone cases is bad or good which all depends on how to clean a silicone phone case. The phone has become a major accompaniment everywhere the person goes and then the germs remain stuck on the phone which makes the need to disinfect the phone regularly unavoidable.

Are silicone cases bad for your phone? this is one of the most common questions that is asked and silicone cases have several advantages over the other cases like-

  • The silicone cases are very durable and flexible.
  • They are heat resistant.
  • They can also withstand harsh weather conditions better.

How to clean a rubber phone case?

It is necessary to ensure that the phone cases are cleaned regularly and all the germs and dirt are removed from them. To clean a case properly the user can choose from the various mentioned methods like using a soapy water solution to clean and avoiding the detergent as it will cause the cover to deteriorate.

The first method is the dirt removal method wherein the user needs to check the weather conditions first to ensure that the phone case will dry out completely soon. The cover is to be removed from the device and then washing soap should be added in a bowl filled with warm water.

This allows the soap to dissolve easily and ensures that the mixture remains foamy. The case is then to be placed in the solution and then it is to be scrubbed using a toothbrush very gently.

Both the inner and outer parts of the case should be cleaned thoroughly and even a dry cloth can be used instead of a toothbrush. After that is should be rinsed under cold water and left to dry out. It should be kept for at least an hour so that all the moisture from the case is evaporated.

how to clean a white phone case
how to clean a white phone case

Many people ask about “how to clean a white phone case?” which is a tougher job as compared to the other colored cases. Since the white cover has the maximum chances of getting stained or dirty the stubborn stains on the cases can be removed with the help of a baking powder solution. It contains hydrogen peroxide which breaks the colored compounds.

In case of the greasy and oil stains, it settles on the surface of the cases and they are very sticky therefore a stronger detergent is to be used in such cases. For the ink stains, the user can use isopropyl alcohol which can be poured directly over the stains and then rubbed gently.

For completing this procedure, the user must wear some protective gear like gloves so that any inflammation or itching which may be caused because of baking soda can be avoided.

For disinfecting the phone cover, the user needs to take off the phone case and then soak a cloth in an alcohol-based liquid. A spray bottle can also prove to be useful. After cleaning it with a soapy solution, the user can rub the case with a soft, dry cloth and then leave the case to dry. After that, the phone can be inserted back into the cover.

Why do silicone cases turn yellow?

The chance of the silicone cases turning yellow with use over time is maximum in the case of the white phone covers. They start yellowing once they get old, and then the discoloration starts due to high heat, light, and certain chemicals. To prevent the yellowing of the covers the user can-

  • After removing the case from the phone the user should first wear protective gears like gloves, glasses. After that, they should add bleach into a bowl of water and leave it in an airtight container for a night.
  • The phone case should then be dipped in the mixture and then scrub it over with the help of a toothbrush. After that, it should be kept under cold water and then cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

Is silicone case better than hard?

Many people ask if the silicone covers have an advantage over the other kinds of covers which are available in the market. The preference and the popularity of the silicone covers has increased with time and many people have started understanding the benefits of a silicone cover which include-

1. Giving a professional look

The silicone covers show the level of organizational skills of the person and the probability of the germs attaching themselves to the case is very less.

2. Protection against damage

The phone cases are made to protect against any damage to the phone which is why the silicone cases are preferred because they prevent any inconveniences and phone breakages because of their durability.

3. Saves money

The silicone cases are very cost-efficient and that is why it is preferred by many users nowadays.

4. Portrays personality

Using a silicone cover is very communicative and the person who sees it can easily understand the personality of the individual using it. Having a clean case portrays that the person is mindful and tidy.

5. Adds value to the phone

The use of a clean silicone phone case adds value to the phone and helps in raising the standard of the individual.

These are the reason why using a silicone case is better. This also answers another common question that is asked by the people which is “Which is better silicone or leather case?

Adds value to the phone
Adds value to the phone


Some precautions are very important to be undertaken while cleaning a silicone case which includes-

  • Not using an excess amount of bleach.
  • Not cleaning while the case is still attached to the phone.
  • Using a dry and soft cloth.
  • Not using harsh detergents.
  • Using a soft-bristled toothbrush.


Thus a clean phone case is as important as having a good phone and it has several benefits attached to it. All the methods of how to clean a silicone phone case are mentioned in the article and can be performed very easily.

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